Cosplay Sword Maiden

Cosplay Sword Maiden in Goblin Slayer with a great soul makes fans sob

Cosplay Sword Maiden in the manga/anime Dark: Deep Goblin Slayer of a cosplayer with an attractive body. Especially when this series of Sword Maiden cosplay photos represents a huge investment in both the image and the costume. From there, it helps viewers see this character come to life.

Cosplay Sword Maiden in Goblin Slayer

What type of character is Sword Maiden in Goblin Slayer?

Cosplay Sword Maiden in Goblin Slayer
Cosplay Sword Maiden in Goblin Slayer

Sword Maiden (剣の乙女, Tsurugi no Otome), formerly known as Bishop (女司教, Onna shikyō)[2][1], is a former Gold-rank adventurer and currently serves as Bishop of the Temple of the Law of God.With his sharp eyes, he can see many things that others cannot imagine. What happened when she was kidnapped by goblins left a deep mark on her mind and soul. In this article, we will learn more about Sword Maiden, from her appearance to her personality.

Sword Maiden is a beautiful woman with ankle-length blonde hair tied with a black ribbon and long curls on the sides of her hair. She has light blue eyes usually covered by a black blindfold, full pink lips, and a curvy body.She always wears white outfits with blue trim and a yellow jewel on her hip. There are many pale white scars on his body, but most have completely healed by the time the story takes place. Only his eyes still have small scars.

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