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Enjoy the excitement with Fu Xuan and Qingque cosplay in Honkai Star Rail

Unlike the usual serious Fu Xuan, today Fu Xuan was “convinced” by Qingque to pose extremely gently at the hot spring.

Fu Xuan and Qingque are playable characters in Honkai: Star Rail. Fu Fu Xuan is introduced as a confident but simple fortune teller master of the Xianzhou Luofu Heavenly Elephant Department. Rely on the third eye and prophetic series to predict the path of Xianzhou and predict the good or bad of things.Fu Xuan believes that everything he does is the “optimal solution” to the situation.

During Fu.” Therefore, she is about to be demoted to goalkeeper. Qingque took the So Thien Tuong entrance exam according to her parents’ expectations, but found that the rice dish, which she thought was the easiest to eat, was actually a burden because of the hard work

Two people in two different positions, with different personalities, but there seems to be a special bond between them. In the trailer with Fu Xuan, Qingque made a cute cameo appearance as she looked extremely awkward in front of Fu Xuan. However, instead of scolding, Fu Xuan immediately stopped the monsters that were looking in the direction where Qingque fell. After finishing his work, Fu Xuan did not forget to give Qingque a “friendly” reminder so that he would not forget what he had taught. This scene in the trailer also won the hearts of many gamers because it was quite cute, and the couple Fu Xuan and Qingque were also strongly encouraged by people.

And to further support the spirit of the people who fell in love with this couple, OtakuGO would also like to present you the super hot and extremely passionate cosplay photos of Fu Xuan and Qingque at the hot springs! The photo series shows the transformation of two beautiful Chinese cosplayers, 阳炎型小菠萝 (Qingque) and 小南宫zzZ (Fu Xuan).

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