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Heart-stopping with Kurumi Cosplay in Date A Live, super steamed rice rolls

Kurumi’s cosplay in Date A Live is extremely sexy and attractive, making viewers unable to take their eyes off her. Which character is Kurumi that has attracted a lot of attention and how does she dress up?

Kurumi’s cosplay from Date A Live is extremely original and has a cheeky side that will make viewers unable to take their eyes off her! Date a Live is one of the most famous Japanese manga series, written and illustrated by Koushi Tachibana and Tsunako. In it, Tokisaki Kurumi is one of the main characters and attracts the attention of many readers. With her complex personality and mysterious appearance, Kurumi has become one of the most popular characters in this series. What kind of character is Kurumi Date a Live?Let’s find out in the following article.

What kind of character is Kurumi in Date A Live?

Tokisaki Kurumi is the third ghost to appear in the main Date A Live series. Due to her brutal actions, she is also considered the worst spirit (最悪の精霊Saiaku no Seirei). In Takamiya Mana’s accounts, Kurumi is considered the most dangerous spirit of all time, having killed over 10,000 people, not to mention the victims of the spacequakes she caused.However, Kurumi has a dark secret and her true goal has not been revealed.

Cosplay Photo Cosplay Kurumi on Date A Live is extremely sexy

Kurumi is described as a girl with long black hair, red eyes and snow-white skin. She always wears the Raizen High School outfit, which consists of a white shirt, blue skirt, and black heels. With her seductive and mysterious beauty, Kurumi has attracted the attention of many fans.

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