58 Days (2014)

58 Days (2014)

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The hero is the reality of the oppressed, work was suppressed by superiors, resulting in abnormal psychology. The use of the means of the three sisters held in the Chamber of Secrets, regular sexual intercourse on site and the provision of food and drink. The name 58 days is their 58 days experience, according to the timeline to tell what happened on day 1, what happened on day 2. The three sisters have different character and react differently to the abnormal male, to rebellion and obedience, but, in 58 days, they have become completely slaves to XING, even as former friends become enemies of each other. This film is very complex, even though it is crackling images, but it depicts human psychology very deliberately. In addition to clapping when the film’s music is dark, he growls during filming.The rest of the plot is different, but the typology is similar, only involving “58 days” to eat Jet Li, and the rest of the personal quest