Female Prisoner No. 701 Sasori (2011)

Female Prisoner No. 701: Sasori (2011)

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Prisoner No. 701, Nami Matsushima, convicted of attempted murder, finds herself in a women’s prison that reeks of hostility and body odor. Behind his impassive, icy exterior lies a seething hatred that even the cold water that an officer sprays over his naked body cannot harm. Despite the dehumanizing treatment, his inner flame of resentment refuses to go out. The Guardian then accompanies Nami to the sinister Community Cell Number 2, a place known for a series of suicides and unnatural deaths. Immediately upon her arrival, Nami is attacked by her experienced cellmates.Tatsuko, a fellow prisoner fascinated by Nami’s flawless body, persistently tries to lure her into a lesbian relationship at night, unable to suppress her moans under Nami’s touch. However, this encounter triggers a brutal attack on Nami, in which she manages to bite off the gang leader’s toe. As punishment, Nami is locked in a solitary cell to give her enough time to think about her past. He remembers his former lover Sugimi, a successful businessman in the IT industry. Once, during a dinner, Sugimi introduced him to a young political figure named Kurata. Unbeknownst to them, Sugimi secretly owned a high-end escort service and had sold it to Kurata in order to gain ownership of a building in Shibuya. They then handcuffed Nami and forced her to lie on a bed, where Kurata abused her throughout the night. Once freed, she retaliated by stabbing Sugimi’s right eye with a pen. After his arrest for attempted murder, Sugimi paid prison guard Hayashi to murder Nami. However, their plan failed when Nami managed to escape from prison. In the dark cityscape of Shibuya, Nami begins to seek revenge. The tension rises: who will survive this bloody saga?