Jin Pin Mei 1996 1 (1996)

Jin Pin Mei 1 (1996)

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The film has 5 episodes that will be Engsub and updated every Wednesday night. Kim Binh Mai 1996 is a Chinese novel, the author is said to be Vuong The Trinh, born in the Ming Dynasty with the pen name Lan Lang Tieu Tieu. The work is about three female characters: Phan Kim Lien, Ly Binh Nhi and Bang Xuan Mai, so it is called Kim Binh Mai. The story Kim Binh Mai was originally developed from some details in the work Water Margin by Thi Nai Am. In Water Margin, the powerful Tay Mon Khanh had adultery with Vo Dai Lang’s wife, Phan Kim Lien, so he plotted to kill Vo Dai Lang. Later, Vo Dai Lang’s younger brother, Vo Tong, killed them both to avenge him. In Kim Binh Mai, developments related to the lives of Ximen Khanh and his concubines, including the three female characters mentioned above, are richly described. Many scenes depicting Ximen Qing’s depraved life of pleasure and debauchery were so vivid in detail that this novel was considered pornographic and banned.

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