A widow who drains water well 2023 물 잘 빼주는 과부 아줌마

by anyphim.compublished on 17 September 2023

A music teacher lost his partner two years ago. He invited his ex-girlfriend to his house. As the two talked, they discovered that their female friend had left her husband with cancer 5 years ago and was alone.
After lamenting about their lives, they have sex to comfort each other, but the music teacher is hurt.
Then, a music teacher trained many people to become singers and wanted to release an album himself. One day, he begins a secret and passionate relationship with an ajumma who visits him and accepts tutoring due to circumstances. The widow’s sister Dong-su and Bong-gu have sex and make a bet to wear another woman’s underwear. Dong-soo decides to attack Deul-le, a widow, and Bong-gu decides to attack A-yeong, an old maid, and goes to their home. Dong-soo, who soothes Deul-le’s anger with cute charm, has sex with her and comes to Bong-gu with her underwear. Meanwhile, Bong-gu sneaks into Ah-young’s bed and starts groping her. When Ah-young wakes up and criticizes him for being late, he tries to tell everyone that he’s on a date with her, but he hasn’t been told yet. Korean 18+ movies

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