Afam (2023)

by anyphim.compublished on 14 September 2023
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“Hazel and Daisy (Jela Cuenca and Robb Guinto) are friends and co-workers at Bukang Liwayway Resort. They are different in many ways; Hazel is sweet and a bit shy, while Daisy is tough and a nagger, but both are caring and ready to be in love.

“With the right man, Hazel dreams to build a complete family that she never had. As for Daisy, all she wants is to have someone take her away from her family who treats her like a milk cow.

“With the help of their former neighbor, Mirabelle (Katya Santos), Hazel and Daisy discover the fun of online dating and AFAM-hunting. It’s how Mirabelle got herself a rich Italian husband.

“Hazel and Daisy soon find a chatmate, not knowing that they are chatting with the same man who is using two names: JJ and Jamey (Nico Locco).

“JJ/Jamey presents himself as charming and a perfect gentleman, but in reality, he is cunning and fraudulent. When he comes to the Philippines to meet his girls and attend to some questionable business, they are all startled about their situation.

“JJ/Jamey’s deception is already a huge red flag, but somehow, Hazel and Daisy still consider being with him. Now, the two good friends become great rivals. When will they realize that he is not worth it? Or will JJ/Jamey actually redeem himself and become the Prince Charming that the girls are dreaming of? But who will he choose? Ultimately, after all the trouble, will the girls go for love or friendship?” Philippines 18+ movies

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