SEX HUB 2023

by anyphim.compublished on 14 September 2023

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Witness how a father goes through the biggest challenge of his life after he learns that his lost daughter has actually been abducted and is forced to work as an online sex entertainer.

Sex Hub is a four-part Vivamax Original Series directed by Bobby Bonifacio, Jr.. It stars Micaella Raz and Karl Aquino, together with Joko Diaz. Also joining the cast are Aj OteyzaYda Manzano, Jason Evans, Salome SalviShiena Yu, and Roi Alonte.

Every parent wants their children to always be safe and to have everything good in life. As a result, nothing stings them more than witnessing their child being harmed or in trouble. The aggravation turns out to be two times as much that they will deal anything to save their youngster from wretchedness.

Robert, played by Joko Diaz, is an honest, humble man who will do anything for his kids. After his daughter Carmin’s (Micaella Raz) sex scandal with her boyfriend, Keo (Karl Aquino), goes viral, their family experiences a difficult time. A trade of warmed contentions occurred between the dad and little girl, which caused Carmin to choose to take off from home and abandon everybody.

Robert goes in search of his daughter after his feelings have subsided. He had no idea that Carmin had been kidnapped and was forced, along with other captives, to work at an online sex den. They perform sexual acts in order to entice viewers on the internet and collect tips, and the person who earns the least is threatened with death.

Sex Center point is a four-section Vivamax Unique Series coordinated by Bobby Bonifacio Jr., the individual who gave us Vivamax Unique Motion pictures like BulaandSalamat Daks. Philippines 18+ movies

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