Stepdad and mother and daughter 새아빠와 모녀 2021

by anyphim.compublished on 15 September 2023

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Seo, an elegant woman from Louisiana, is married to a businessman, Kyung-han, who is a snob and will do anything for money. Kyung-hwan had a romantic relationship with Mi-yeon, who was the bar’s hostess, but after marrying Seo-ra, she said goodbye to Mi-yeon, saying she would Live elegantly as a businessman. However, Kyunghwan encountered a problem in that when he saw clothes that didn’t reveal pant legs, his sexual desire was so strong that he went crazy. One day, Seo-ra’s biological daughter, Yoon-a, shows up at Kyung-hwan’s newlywed house wearing a short dress.

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