View photos of BB sewing cat Kozei

Thailand has long been the birthplace of “stunning beauties” and in particular the cosplay community with many beautiful and extremely sexy cosplayers. Cosplay photos of “Thai Cosern” always leave a deep impression on the otaku brothers. Among them, Kozei – こうせい sews extremely adorable cosplay collections that have melted the hearts of many male fans. But when we talk about cosplayer Kozei, we can’t help but mention the BB Cat cosplay photos of this cosplay. The photo series helped bring the name Coser Kozei closer to the fan base.

Kozei Cosplayer Information

Photoset Name: See Kozei Sew Cat BB Photoset

Cospalyer: Kozei (Real Name: Phutarak Tavipvoradech)

Date of Birth: Update

Country: Thailand

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